Museum 't Fiskershúske

The museum aims to maintain the cottages in their original state and to collect and exhibit objects that are linked to the old inshore fishing industry including the life of the inhabitants of the coastal villages.

The first dwelling, bearing the same name as the museum, shows the interior of a fisherman’s cottage on shore of the Waddenzee, dating back to 1850. The second cottage, ‘de Aek’, is home to the permanent exhibition ‘Fishermen from Wad and Hole’. Here you can see a model of the village, relics of the rescue station of Moddergat, models of ships and reminders of the tragic disaster of 1883, during which 83 fishermen drowned. Finally there is ‘Klaske’s Húske’ with furnishings dating from around 1920.

There is also a small shop, cafe and a slideshow about the history of the double village named Paesens-Moddergat. The museum regularly organizes different exhibitions.

Museum ’t Fiskershúske is located in the northern part of Friesland right on the coast of the Waddenzee. ’t Fiskershúske consists of four small fisherman’s cottages and an exhibition area.

Feel the wind and smell the sea in open air museum ’t Fiskershúske!